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Monday, July 2, 2012


Here is the Shimmer Ink resist technique, done up with red ink over the white frost shimmer ink flourish. The ink picks up some colour, so it isn't a total resist but enough to call it that. The steps are to apply the shimmer ink to the stamp with a sponge- I have a dauber that is dedicated to this ink-totally dry the ink, then sponge dye ink over all. The shimmer ink shines through. This photographs as solid red when I actually applied a more variegated layer of red. If I wanted solid colour I could simply stamp the white frost ink onto that colour card stock, like this....

Remember the butterfly from my previous sample of this technique?
You can actually see the different colours of ink that were sponged on and a small wisp of the shimmer stamping.

I'm calmer now but earlier, I was seeing red! I was SO angry at myself- still am really. You know how you do something a certain way, safely, because you don't want something bad to happen? You're pretty sure that the one time you don't, you'll regret it? Yeah, that's me today. I ALWAYS use the wrist strap when I use my camera- always! Don't ask me why but earlier I just picked it up, leaned over a bit to take a photo and the thing flew out of my hands! As hard as I scrambled I could not catch it before it hit the floor. Still feel a little sick. Anyway, it appears to be broken- it won't close. Colour me so sad. :(

I will see if my wonderfully techie DH can revive it later, after he is home from work. I sure hope so!

So, learn from me here- don't stop doing the careful things you're doing. You don't want to have regrets or see that particular shade of red.

I hope you've had a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by!

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