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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Quite often, I can't decide if the photo looks best with or without the flash. It depends on the time of day, if the sun is shining and if it's a light or dark card.  The next photo will show with the flash. I want to tell you about the glitter hearts too.

I was at the Thrift Store yesterday and came across the pastel pink glitter. I decided then to make pink glitter paper. I love the red glitter paper that Stampin; Up! has available right now and thought pink would be nice to have as well. The best part- it doesn't shed glitter everywhere!
 Here's what I did-
^ applied a 4x8 piece of adhesive sheet to the pink side of a sheet of pink paper- not cardstock
^ removed the release paper and shook the pink glitter all over the exposed adhesive     
^ tapped off excess glitter, then covered with the release sheet and pressed down the glitter 
^ tapped off the excess glitter again, then brushed on an even layer of gloss mod podge

Once dry, it glitters beautifully, is lightweight and punches easily.  Once the mess from making the sheet is cleaned up, there is no more glitter mess while using the paper.  
Give it a try- make your own glitter paper. Any sealer will work, it doesn't have to be mod podge brand, but it should be glossy finish.

Have fun!

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  1. Wow Holly I just love that card but then again pink and blue are my favourite colours. I like your idea for making glitter paper, will have to try it one day.