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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Scrap-cycling-  my word for using scraps and recycling. In this case, the 16x16 base is a canvas that had a wine photo on it and was sitting in a clearance bin. It had to come home with me. I decoupaged black tissue paper to the whole thing, purposely leaving small wrinkles in it. Then, I pulled out my drawer filled with leftover technique samples and used my 1 1/4" square punch to make all same size squares. I used my 3/4" square punch on the smaller pieces and that used up the samples quite well. I have other plans for those smaller squares.
Here's a closer look at the canvas.

I attached the squares with a small piece of double-sided tape so I can easily switch them out if I want to. They aren't perfectly lined up so as to not be too rigid but that may change if I decide to attach it all permanently.  This is just a beginning idea with lots of potential. I'd bet you could build on this idea easily.
Go for it!

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