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Monday, January 6, 2014


I recently made a double-wrapped pearl bracelet for one of  my sisters. During a visit, she had admired a double-wrapped bracelet I was wearing, so I told her I'd make her one.
This is it.

I didn't have a heavier white cord for the base, but I did have a very shiny, satiny heavy thread, which worked perfectly with the pearls. The pearls and gold beads were first crocheted into a long chain, then the chain was doubled up and crocheted together. A loop was crocheted onto one end and the fabulous button was sewn onto the other.
I really like how it turned out and plan to make more using this same method.
The bracelet is perched on fingerless gloves that she knit for me.
I hope she likes her bracelet as much as I love these gloves.
Thanks for looking today!

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