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Friday, July 15, 2011


No, I don't mean a tattoo  :)
This isTotally Tess. She came out in last years catalogue and I used the set for the first time this week. It was one of the first sets I bought then too, so it's been sitting on my shelf waiting for ink, for a long time.
Retiform or grid technique was chosen for Hostess Club (good choice Sis!) and Tess along with her accessories, worked well.
So did this set.
It's called Happiness Shared.
So, I was happy to do a technique from long ago and use a set that hadn't seen ink yet.
Good thing that techniques are timeless even if stamp sets retire.

 Do you have stamps that have yet to see ink? There's no way I'm alone in this.

Have a great and creative day!

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