This is my place to share my creative bits and pieces. My art has no rules, no limits and absolutely no order. My projects change with my moods but for the last few years, my main focus has been paper art. Cards, collage, mixed media and as many techniques as I can get to. My inspiration comes from everywhere.

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Friday, October 11, 2013


This summer, DH and I moved to Salmon Arm. We went from 2400 square feet to 1140. Can you say downsizing? Three yard sales, give aways, and lots of dump runs later, there is still way too much stuff for our new place. No surprise that the overflow is mostly from my art room.
This room is my new art room BEFORE we moved in. Our realtor Barb is in the photo.

This is it today. It was organized until last Monday when we went and got the last bits from the house. You know, the bits and boxes left after the main move, that  you think really isn't much- until you get it. So, I have my work cut out for me and a few artsy deadlines to make.
I have missed blogging and wanted to share what's stopping me lately.
I'll be back soon!
Have a WONDERFUL day!

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  1. Hang in there! You'll get it optimized! Looking forward to seeing you back to your normal creative frequency!