This is my place to share my creative bits and pieces. My art has no rules, no limits and absolutely no order. My projects change with my moods but for the last few years, my main focus has been paper art. Cards, collage, mixed media and as many techniques as I can get to. My inspiration comes from everywhere.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hi! We are back from our beautiful Caribbean Cruise vacation. It was wonderful! If you ever can-go. You won't be sorry. I know there've been some incidents lately but do your homework, use a reputable service and go.
In life, stuff happens.

Before we left, I carved an eraser. I hadn't done this for a few years and thoroughly enjoyed doing it again. The first picture is the carved eraser stamp and the second shows what I made with it.
There is a small piece of double-sided tape holding the eraser to the block. You can use these stamps without a block but I had one so why not? :)
It was a few days before Valentine's Day and I wanted to make it to give DH on the Tuesday. I couldn't share it before we left as he reads my blog- isn't that great?! Anyway, it was fun and there will be more carved stamps in the near future. There are tutorials all over online if you want to give it a try. Just use Mr. Google.

DH drew the two winners for the pendants I was giving away for the 2nd anniversary of my blog. They are Donna, and Deana. Congratulations!

We're happy to be home and I'm revved to create so I hope to have some shares for you real soon.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Fascinating!! I can't believe you carved those swirls....WOW!! I guess I'll be spending some time with Mr. Google! LOL!! :) BEAUTIFUL!

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  3. Thank you! I'm re-doing this comment due to typos missed.
    Have fun and enjoy Mr. Google :)