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Friday, April 29, 2011


That's right! The main image used the embossing folder more like a print maker- no embossing required. This technique first came about using texture plates but the embossing folders work too.
To do this, open the folder and 'feel' the side where the design is a depression, then swipe ink pads across it. Then, spritz the folder with water- I also spritzed a pearl spray- lay your card stock on the folder, lay scrap paper over it and rub all around with your hand making sure that all the cardstock comes into contact with all the folder. Or you could use your brayer. Peel off and let it dry. It will flatten as it dries.
Hint* -you can speed drying time using your heat tool but you do risk warping the cardstock and/or fading the ink that way. Make up the rest of the card while waiting for it to dry as it doesn't take too long.
Again I'm sorry for the photo quality (or lack thereof) and hope to spend some time 'learning' my camera.

This pretty little card will go into the mail to my Mom. It will be in a box along with a portrait of my sons so the curled corner should survive the trip.

I see sunshine  for the moment, you know who won the hockey game and you know who else got married today. It's all good.

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