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Friday, May 18, 2012


Once again Colour Q has come up with a great colour combo.Soothing colours and springtime too. So, in keeping with wanting to do techniques, I assembled everything to do Air Blaster Shine. Then, I made this card:
I know, right? A bit of a disaster! The technique was done correctly but nothing else was. So, I like the flower/leaves cluster. I really like the argyle punch. I don't like them together. The air blaster shine is done on glossy card stock with water, dye reinker and a spritzer tool. Or you could use canned air or a straw. I embossed with the stripes folder first because I wanted the ink to flow along the channels. Spray water all over the card stock, then drip on the dye ink, then push it around with puffs of air from the spritzer tool. Or canned air or straw. You can add a new colour or more colour by repeating the steps. Let dry or dry with a heat tool.

Even though I dislike this card, it shows the technique I wanted to share today so it serves a purpose. It also has become a challenge now, so I can dismantle it and try again.

I have since made a new card for the Colour Q but it must wait until morning.

Thanks for looking.

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