This is my place to share my creative bits and pieces. My art has no rules, no limits and absolutely no order. My projects change with my moods but for the last few years, my main focus has been paper art. Cards, collage, mixed media and as many techniques as I can get to. My inspiration comes from everywhere.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


We all love scraps but even more, we love ways to use them up. Check out the flower- can you guess what type of scrap I used? ( did you know you can enlarge the photo by clicking on it? ) 
If you said- magazine- you'd be right! You can make this flower using any type of paper scrap but what I like about glossy magazine paper is the way it cracks when you crease or fold it. It leaves a white mark wherever the crease is. It's also thinner than cardstock and the folds were very easy to do because of that.  Have a closer look.....
This is just one of the many things I like about magazine paper. Stay tuned- I'll be showing you more.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for looking :)

Friday, March 25, 2011


Happy March 25th!
I love the bandana technique and thought it might be fun to use it on a Christmas card. And it was!
A little dry embossing, add some pearls and call it done.

I see glorious sunshine out there this morning and I hope you get to enjoy it too.
Have an amazing day and let your creative side out.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Remember the Smackin' Acetate technique? Never gets old for me. After letting the inks dry, I embossed then sanded the glossy cardstock. This gives white lines and a slightly shabby chic/distressed look.
Once the card was assembled, I took the Smooch Moonlight Accent Ink and filled in the circles.
The overall effect is dingy bright with a touch of shimmer- sounds fine doesn't it?

It has been one week since I last made a card- absolutely unheard of   :)   I've been crocheting a bit and making ATC's, so still creating, just no cards. Today, I made two. You'll see the Christmas one tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Happy St. Patrick's Day!
This very quick card was inspired by THIS
She has beautiful cards and projects.
I hope you're wearing green and enjoying the day.

Find a minute to create something. Create a smile in someone simply by smiling for them.
Create a happier space simply by being happy in it. Easy peasy!

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


My previous post mentioned an error on the card and I appreciate your guesses. You didn't catch it, which once again proves that we are usually the only ones that see our mistakes. We can either fix it, or forget it and move on. I chose to fix this one but I will show the mistake.
Looking at the largest flower on the card, look at the scallops straight up at the top. One scallop has two threads, the other has four- they should each have three. So the thread should have gone over one bump to the left.
Not such a big deal but once I saw it, I couldn't 'un'see it, know what I mean?

I hope you have an incredible day!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It's Spirelli! Does it remind you of Spirograph? Me too!
There is an error on this card- did you spot it? Honestly, I never noticed it until I was looking at the photo just before posting this. Decided to go with it for now and fix it later. For the 'feel' of this card, it doesn't really change anything. 
There are some great tutorials online for this technique- they teach way better than I could describe it, so if you're interested, type 'spirelli' into Google.
Have a great day!

So, did you find it?

Saturday, March 5, 2011


While at the Thrift Store last Wednesday, I picked up this sweet little pink jewelry box, perfect for upcycling.
That evening, I peeled away the glossy pink paper. I wanted any glue or paint I used to really stick so the gloss had to go. This took a couple hours while watching tv and was messy too 'cuz the stuff would flake instead of peel- ugh!
The next day I began covering it with dry embossed and punched pieces of card stock. I also glued on thin paper to reinforce corners or any areas that were weakened by stripping the pink layer away. Then I painted the outside with the blue paint. Once dry, I gave it a wash of tan paint and rubbed off the excess leaving tan paint in the recessed areas. Once it all dried, I measured and cut the fabric I wanted to use for lining. It was then I decided I wanted to remove the tray and the metal hardware holding it. I should have done this FIRST but at that point I still wanted it the way it was. So, I very carefully used pliers and patience to remove it without destroying the outside. Whew!

This is how it looked yesterday. I added dividers to the tray and bottom of the box, then covered all of it with fabric and gloss Mod Podge. The lid has hooks across the top for necklaces and the ribbons will hold rings and pins.
Today I looked at it and decided to change it again. Just added some burnt umber paint to the outside, wiped some away and once dry the entire box was rubbed with waxed paper. Thanks for that tip Jutta! This not only gives it a satiny finish but protects it as well. It sits on my bathroom counter. Here's the finished product---

One last detail for you- the tray holds my earrings. The foam bases that come with decorative brads are perfect for stabbing my post earrings into.

So, that's what I've worked on lately. Fifty cents and a little play  work and I have a new little jewelry box.

You gotta like that!

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


At the moment, I appear to be shimmer addicted, and I'm not looking for the cure. This card has more of the shimmer spray and re-inker painting done on it. No promises that I won't be making more with shimmer but I'll find a different technique.  :)
Thanks for looking and I hope your day rocks!