This is my place to share my creative bits and pieces. My art has no rules, no limits and absolutely no order. My projects change with my moods but for the last few years, my main focus has been paper art. Cards, collage, mixed media and as many techniques as I can get to. My inspiration comes from everywhere.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


There are so many ways to make books and I have a made a few over the years, from post-it note books to small photo albums to funky art journals. This book was inspired by a youtube video. Type Jennibellie into the search bar and you can see lots of the great stuff she does. She recycles!
I liked the way she bound the signatures- she was using greeting cards- so decided to give it a go.

I used a heavy weight card stock for my pages. This will become an art journal so the weight will withstand the paint and glue quite well. It's about 6x8 inches with a 3inch spine.
I enjoyed making it so much and had lots more card stock and decided to recycle a bit too.
These are 4x6 inches with a 1inch spine. The covers and spine are made from cereal boxes that I first used as scratch paper under other projects. All kinds of paint and inky goodness there.

I hope you get some playtime today or at least some youtube time.
Have a GREAT day!

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