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Thursday, December 27, 2012


My post today has photos of one of the snowflakes I will be sending for the students of Sandy Hook school, in Newtown CT.
This the flip side of it.
This is just a glittery close-up. These photos are not important, the information that goes with them is.
Please look at the following website and if you are moved to do so, join me in sending a snowflake ( or many snowflakes) for the kids school.
This is not me challenging you to do this. I'm just trying to share information that was shared with me. Thanks Monica!
This is a busy time but there is still enough to do this if you decide to.
Please feel free to share this with others- the more the better!
Thanks for looking today. Be blessed.

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  1. Wonderful project to send love and light into the world and to Sandy Hook.
    thanks for sharing Holly