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Monday, June 4, 2012


I recently bought these Dreamweaver stencils, peacock feather and poppies. I loved these stencils before I even did anything with them, they are pretty just on their own.
However....had to have some play time!
The sample, which became a bookmark, was made using a blue and a green colour spray. A spritz of blue at the top and a couple sprays of green to finish. Without moving the now very wet stencil, I laid white card stock over it, then lifted straight up. Before I lifted it up, I could actually see the colour seeping up into the white card stock. I flipped it over to reveal this....

This is not a new technique but I love the results so much it just never gets old. Once dried I attached the samples to a piece of green card stock, then ran it through an embossing folder. Last, was to add the ribbon. Nothing fancy or labour intensive but a very pretty bookmark, front and back.

The technique is called Misted Stencil. I also call it fun!

Haul out those stencils and give it a try.

Thanks for looking- I appreciate it.

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  1. OMG! This is so sweet! Well done! I have to try this. :-)