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Friday, October 15, 2010


Lots of beautiful silver glitter surrounds little foam squares of coloured glitter. Wide double-sided tape determined the width of the glitter strip. How-to you ask? Easy peasy I say :)
First, prepare your main strip by applying the wide double-sided tape to your scrap cardstock. Peel off the release paper to expose the 'sticky'. Carpet tape works great for this. Then, get your sheet of foam squares and peel the release paper from four of them. Sprinkle on the glitter- my card uses turquoise, press onto foam with a spoon and shake off excess. Place three glittered square onto your wide tape-set aside the fourth. Repeat with more foam squares, using two more colours- like rose and eggplant, remembering to set aside one of each colour.
Once you have placed your glittered foam squares on the carpet tape, cover the piece with silver glitter, press it on and shake off excess.Layer this glitter panel and place your single foam squares around the sentiment. That's it!
 I haven't seen this done anywhere else but I doubt anything is original, somewhere someone else has thought of it too. For now, credit me if you share okay?

Hope you get to play with some glitter real soon!

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