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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Crazy title for this post? Yes, but it fits. This morning as I looked over my work table, I saw bits and pieces and thought I had a good plan for putting them together. Awhile later, this card is the result. While I love each of the stamps, (Quietfire Design) I wasn't sure this worked. I was going for the 'family' theme and relating it to the row of mittens, similar to the family stockings on Christmas Eve. I think, it works better if you know that but this is not a talking card and the receiver wouldn't know that. So.....
I messed about created some more and made this card.
I like it more than the first one. Here's a look at the shimmer on the dots...
Super Sparkle acrylic paint is my 'go to' for shimmer. To tint it, I first applied the Fired Brick ink pad to a corner of my acrylic stamping block. Then I picked up a drop of Super Sparkle with my stylus, mixed it in with the ink on the block, then dotted it onto the card stock. If I had the ink in a re-inker, I would have used a little drop of that to mix with the Super Sparkle, but I don't so this works. I can make the shimmer paint any colour that I have in inks.
Tomorrow, I may look again and prefer the first card-never know what mood will strike or when :)
It certainly keeps things interesting.
Thank you for looking and I hope you're enjoying the day.

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