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Saturday, January 21, 2012


I've had these gold and silver filigree beads for some time now. I've used a few here and there, but always wondered what else I could do with them. I read about a jewelry artist enameling her wire beads and I thought I could try faux enameling with embossing powder. I love the results! The photo shows the gold and silver beads before 'enameling' and after. The turquoise beads were done with Versamark ink and turquoise embossing powder. The plum beads were done with plum pigment ink and clear embossing powder. A hint of the gold and silver show through the filigree.

I love them!

They still sit in the little bowl waiting to be turned into jewelry.
If you try this, keep in mind that the embossing coating can flake off so they're better for necklaces than bracelets. I'm thinking of applying a coat of Crystal Effects for added strength. I'll do that later today and follow up here.


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