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Sunday, February 20, 2011

What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Always Stay in Vegas

I have a story for you today.
Last Tuesday, around supper time, good friends D&D and DH & I arrived in Las Vegas. So warm and not a snowflake anywhere!
By Wednesday noon, I was reporting my purse as missing or stolen. How'd that happen?
 We'd been out walking and looky-loo-ing, and stopped for a brief rest in the Planet Hollywood lounge area. (the bar was closed, we just wanted some chairs for a minute) We got up to go check out more of Miracle Mile Shops and I filled my hands up with M&M Factory shopping bags and didn't realize I didn't have my purse. By the time I got back to where we'd been sitting, maybe 3 minutes later, it was gone. I couldn't call myself 'stupid' enough.

Now here's the thing- every other trip we've taken, I've stripped down my wallet of everything I wouldn't need. We use DH's credit card and carry our passports, so I need very little with me.  This trip, I didn't do that- changed purses but not my wallet.

About 30 miniutes later we are back in our room and trying to get my Visa card cancelled. Not as easy as you might think. The number given by the bank wouldn't go through from Vegas. Anyway, by the time we got it done, less than 2 hours from the time it disappeared, there had been five charges made on my card. There are steps to take for this but my point is, had I had the actual number on the back of my card, we may have gotten through sooner and cancelled the card quicker, possibly preventing any charges on it. I plan to put a copy of the numbers with my passport once the new one arrives.

The other thing I learned, was to pack a different type of purse. I bought a new one that has a long shoulder strap and goes over my head and across my chest. I never put it down  when we were out. This will be my travelling purse. Just a note, don't wear button down shirts with a purse strap across your chest- the strap tends to push your button through the buttonhole without you knowing it. Just ask me how I know.

A wonderful Metro police officer found my purse on the strip and delievered it to our hotel. Our show tickets were in it but not much else. The ticket office had already given us a paper to still get into the two shows we'd bought but it was much nicer having the actual tickets. Very nice of the officer to go out of his way to deliver the purse anyway.

So, not even 24 hours into our little vacation, we had an event that could have ruined our trip. We came away with lessons learned, but we never lost the important things. No one was hurt, the things lost could be replaced and it's always fun to travel with friends. We had a blast in Vegas and look forward to going back. However, I will have my travelling purse with only the minimum that I need iin it. That applies to all our future trips.

By the way, my camera was in there too. No photos for a bit.

I hope you can benefit from this story. If you already have your numbers somewhere safe and always strip down your wallet, and have a purse (or whatever you use) that you won't easily set down, than you are likely to never know that sick feeling that comes from losing your 'stuff'. I hope you never do know it.

I'd like to think that the person who picked up my purse and used my credit card, REALLY needed it, but somehow I doubt it.

Nice to come home to lovely sunshine but it'll be so nice when the snow goes away. :)

Have an amazing day. I'll have something to share with you soon- maybe even tomorrow.


  1. OMG way more adventure than you had bargained for!! Glad you're home safe, hope your holiday was fun otherwise.

  2. I'm so glad your trip improved after the purse mishap. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. OMG, I'm so sorry! The important thing is, everyone is okay. I have lots to say about this (I know, you're stunned!), I'll e-mail later tonight. Right now I have to go get my pills for my back injury (more on that later, too).

  4. Just trying yet again to post a comment, which never goes through, and then I give up. What the heck am I not doing ?

  5. Oh, this time it actually worked, and I am not feeling as stupid as a few minutes ago.
    My comment is this...So sorry that it had to be you, to learn this lesson the hard way. But thanks so much for passing the story and tips along to everyone, so we can learn from this incident.