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Friday, December 31, 2010


This is it! A new year right around the corner, so this makes this the last post for this year.
I have really enjoyed blogging- I plan to continue. Hope you've had a bit of fun here too.
I can see now that I need to straighten the ribbons and maybe place the pinned circle a little higher. Only noticed in the photo- funny huh?

I have a folder on my desktop that I store my blog photos in. Once used, I move the photo to another folder so that I won't repeat it, because it could happen! Did I post that one yet, hmmm????? I would spend half my time asking myself that and then have to go looking- blah!
Why am I telling you this? I have too much in the folder and I'm thinking I'll share a bunch- now.

Some vellum and a white gel pen- soft results.

I remember spraying lots of water and using re-inkers but not much else :)

The flowers were stamped, the circles were punched and attached then grid lines were drawn. They're hard to see but there a lots of little dots drawn in too.

Just a bit of stamping and punching.

The rust card stock was sprayed lightly with bleach, dried well, then stamped with rust ink.

The challenge was t make a baby card and I am surprised to say that I really don't have any baby stamps. No, really! I saw a buggy done here  and blatantly copied it-- I mean, CASED it.
Copy and share everything.
Cute huh? I love her blog!

Okay, this is the last one today. I need to keep a few in reserve so I can share again tomorrow.


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