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Friday, May 9, 2014


 If you have visited my blog before, you'll know that I LOVE my Quietfire Design stamps. Not just for the fantastic artwork, they are also durable, and can take any medium and technique I throw at them. They also- multiply! So, my binder storage was no longer working, and something had to change. For under $10. and a whole lot of time, 12 hours to be exact, I have re-vamped my stamp storage. It's not pretty, but I'm pleased with how user friendly it is. :) 

 I went to Dollar Tree and found the 10x12x6 box with the hinged lid. It even has Get Organized printed on it. :)

Here it is- full of stamps.

Here you can see all the tabbed folders, each has a sheet of stamps, and a number on the tab.

These are the new foam mounted stamps. They come on their own storage sheets, so this is four sets of stamps. I joined the sheets together, and slid it into the clear plastic file folder.

This is how they are joined together- first with duct tape joining the four edges, then with chipboard to stabilize them.
These are the sports card holder sheets. They came out of the binder and into a file folder, then into the box. Now, I needed a catalogue. I could no longer keep track without one.
This is what took most of the time.

I bought this notebook from Dollarama a couple years ago. I removed the spine, trimmed the pages and covers, punched holes and added binder rings. Now, it lays flat and I can add pages easily.

I made dividers and gave them categories.

I listed the name, order number, how many to the set, and what number file folder it is stored in.
Click on any photo to enlarge them.

I drew lines to show at a glance, each set.
Well, there it is. Just waiting to be made pretty! In the meantime, I love how this is working.

Storage box- $1.25
Notebook- $1.25
Plastic folders- 5 pkgs. @ $1. = $5.- still have a few
Time- 12 hours
Small price to pay to not have to dread pulling out the binder anymore. 

So, not a pretty share for you today, but now you know what I've been up to ;)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful day!



  1. You have definitely been busy! I like it. It makes sense and is cost effective. Very organized!

  2. looks good Holly Enjoy using your stamps BIG GRIN. Have a great day

  3. It's always great to be organized. Thanks for sharing your solution to organizing your Quietfire stamps. It looks marvelous.

  4. lol, wow, Holly, what a stash! Great job! But that box looks full. I better make some more stamps..... heh heh. Organization never ends!

  5. Good for you, Holly! I already do something similar but the UM QFD stamps were always a challenge. They did not all fit into the baseball sleeves, etc. I am really looking forward to trying the new cling mounted ones.

  6. Wonderful inspiration...now about the 12 hours- where did you find those??